This half term, we have been looking at Sikhism in our R.E. lessons. We looked at sewa which means ‘selfless service’. It involves acting selflessly and helping others in a variety of ways, without any reward or personal gain. It is a way of life for many Sikhs and is part of their daily routine. In order to demonstrate this we litter picked throughout school and helped tidy up the classroom.

We also learnt Sikhs perform sewa in a variety of ways, such as helping the local community. Many Sikhs perform much of their sewa by helping others, including cleaning, washing dishes or serving in the langar which is a large meal. Thanks to Mrs Reehal we were able to eat some delicious traditional food.

1 thought on “Sewa

  1. What a lovely thing to do 6A! Thank you for keeping our school grounds free from litter so we can all enjoy it at its best. Is your classroom still clean and tidy?
    Mrs Reehal’s food looks delicious, very lucky 6A.

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