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Welcome to the class blog of 6A at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the watchful eye of Mr Ash we will blog to the world about what we are learning.

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Useful links

Thank you for joining us at parent consultations this week; it was great to catch up on your child and how they have settled into Year 6. Recommended websites and resources on how you can further support your children at home were discussed – we encourage you to use the following: 

To support with Reading




To support with Maths





To support with Writing and Spelling



Eden Camp inspired home learning project!

We are excited to announce that we have a brilliant home learning opportunity for you to tackle between now and Christmas!

Use your artistic skills to create a scene from WW2. This could be created in a shoebox or similar, here are some ideas: 

London during the Blitz – A trench – Railway station – Garden with bomb shelter – Submarine

We are looking forward to what you come up with, good luck!

Mr Kay & Mr Ash

Eden Camp

On Wednesday, we ventured out to Malton in North Yorkshire to experience Eden Camp. This is a modern history museum with huts containing models and displays about WWII and what life was like at the time. In small groups, we spent the day exploring each hut. Seeing real life war planes, tanks, weapons and artefacts really brought our learning to life.

In class recently, for our Talk 4 Writing lessons, we have been reading a text called ‘The Air Raid’ about two children in an air raid shelter during the Blitz. It was great to see the children going inside some air raid shelters at the museum and exploring the model Blitz scenes to understand how the characters in ‘The Air Raid’ might have felt. The children also applied their knowledge from their history lessons when they interacted with displays about WWII leaders like Winston Churchill.

At lunch time, we all came together to enjoy our packed lunches, visit the gift shop and the playground. It was a brilliant day out for everyone!

National Poetry Day

Today marks national poetry day and to celebrate we learnt the poem ‘Wind’ by Dionne Brand. The poem is set in the Caribbean where the poet grew up. It personifies the wind and shows the mischief it gets up to such as hurrying streams and lifting hats off unsuspecting heads. Here are the children performing the poem alongside their brilliant actions.

Perfect Presentations

During our Talk for Writing sessions, we focussed on some key skills such as punctuating speech, using subordinate clauses at the start and end of sentences as well as creating a tool kit to help us write our own pieces. We ended the week by creating a plan as a class and individually to help innovate the story we have already learnt in class.

History saw us exploring the causes of the Second World War. We looked at the countries who fought for the axis as well as the allies. Our learning allowed us to understand the reason it was a ‘world war.’

In reading, we continued to look at our class novel ‘Letters from the Lighthouse.’ We learnt about evacuation as the main characters Cliff and Olive were sent to the countryside to avoid the Blitz that was taking place in the city. We also looked at an extract from ‘Blitzcat’ a story about the bombings told through the perspective of a house cat.

In computing, we started our prefect presentation topic by starting to create presentations using Google slides. The idea is that we will use this learn to create slides on our own chosen subject which we will then present to the rest of the class.

In music, we discussed the meaning of the word sampling (the process by which a musician or record producer uses a portion of an existing song in a brand new recording.) We then listened to two pieces of music and talked about the way the second piece sampled the first. We used Bandlab Education to start to sample a section of Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good.’

Our learner’s of the week are George in 6K, for improving his overall presentation and handwriting. Miss Judge was also very pleased about this. The learner of the week in 6A is Bobby, for being resilience in Maths lessons and contributing to class discussions. 

European Languages Day

This week, we started our new Talk for Writing topic. We practiced our new model text which is all about two children who are warned not to leave their air raid shelter during the Blitz. Through drama, we internalised the story and recapped some of our previous writing skills such as relative clauses, fronted adverbials and semicolons. It was really great to see the children link this learning to our new class novel ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll. The book is about two children who are evacuated from Blitz ravaged London to the Devon coast.

In Maths, we looked at comparing and rounding numbers up to 10,000,000. We used a variety of methods to illustrate these numbers such as using place value charts, place value counters and base ten. It was great to see the children support one another in their learning.

On Friday, we celebrated European Languages Day by recapping different ways to greet people in French and then performed a song to help us. We also looked at French artist Henri Matisse. We learnt about his life and his conversion from traditional painting to collage work. We looked at some of his most famous pieces and discussed different aspects about them. During our art session, we imitated Matisse’s style to create some incredibly vibrant collages.

Our learner’s of the week are Zuhaib from 6A for being such a great role model by always moving sensibly around school and Leo from 6K for being 100% committed to his learning. He does not always find tasks easy, but has worked extremely hard since starting Year 6.

Week Two

We had another fantastic week of learning in Year 6!

We spent our English sessions imitating the style of Dionne Brand’s Wind. The children wrote some incredibly profound lines that personified a tree as it moved through the seasons. We made sure to up level our vocabulary choices to improve our work. Here are some great examples:

I watched over the earth like a hawk as it aged with me (Nihal)

I stood, transfixed, gazing at the life around me (Zara)

I felt a sudden burst of joy as my green companions began to burst through (Gia)

I trembled incessantly as I envied the humans who were cuddled up by a warm fire (Mehuli)

We continued to develop our map reading skills working on finding out 6-figure grid references. Although we initially found it quite challenging; we persevered to ensure that we could identify different parts of our local area using an ordnance survey map.

In French, we learnt different ways to introduce ourselves and to explain how we were feeling. We used this knowledge to help us sing a funny song with Mr Ash.

Our learner’s of the week are Nura in 6A due to her constant willingness to contribute to discussion and Tommy in 6K for establishing great relationships with those he works with in lessons.

And so the adventure begins …

We enjoyed starting our Woodlands topic this week, being ACE Readers learning all about trees from around the world. We then became ACE Scientists learning about classification and how to sort living things. In writing, we looked at ‘Wind’, a poem by Dionne Brand. This focuses on personification – please quiz your child on this!

In the coming weeks, we hope to explore our school grounds to look at the Woodlands in more depth.

This week, some of us got to meet our reception buddies and over the next couple of weeks everyone will get that opportunity. It was brilliant to receive several positive comments and emails from EYFS staff who highlighted just how amazing the Year 6 children had been in supporting their younger counterparts.

It is too difficult this week to pick out a learner of the week as all the children’s behaviour was exemplary and they all threw themselves wholeheartedly into their new learning.